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Mailbox or In-Tray Exercises - Examples, Tips & More

It is the classic in the Assessment Center (AC): the mailbox exercise . In addition to the standard group discussion and role-playing games , she often appears in the AC, but also in job interviews or audits. Behind this is ultimately a test of whether the candidate can set priorities and make good decisions under time pressure . The good news: you can practice that in advance ...

Mail box exercise: Please select!
Whether you are now being tested as a group or undergoing a single assessment : Of course, in this classic recruitment test, no candidate has to sort out more letters in a mailbox and operate paper-saving today. Only the name and the original idea come from it.

As a rule, candidates in the mailbox exercise get a complex task , a problem to be solved from different sections - the "mailbox". This can be up to 20 documents that must be selected and assigned, but also appointments in a weekly schedule or emails in a mailbox.

The time available to the candidates is str…
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